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Ultrasone Signature Pro Headphones Review

Ultrasone Signature ProThe handcrafted Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones provide a sound quality that is hard to rival, and a comfortable fit that is suited to those that want to wear them for extended periods of time. These headphones have been the result of years of testing, tweaking and enhancing previous models and finding the best of every element of putting it all together in the Signature Pro’s.

The high quality materials used to make the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones ensures they are tough and durable. A Pro user will need this durability and they do not want to have to worry about their headphones not being able to take the daily heavy usage that they will be required for. Being handcrafted too, they are made with the user’s comfort in mind, and Ultrasone has done an excellent job of delivering this.

The sound that the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones deliver to your ears is incredibly precise. They do not over-emphasize any part of the sound, so you will not get any enhanced bass or higher pitched notes. But the quality is excellent, and you can hear every minute detail very clearly. The ambient noise protection they have is very impressive and helps deliver the quality audio you would want from a high-end pair of headphones.

Overview of the Signature Pro headohones

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Key features of the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones

The S-Logic Plus technology which is used to produce the impeccable sound reproduction, is an integral part of the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphone design. This advanced technology has been further developed over time and the result is now a consistently professional level that is very sharp and clear.

Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones

The headphones also use patented ULE technology. This technology will protect the headphones from electromagnetic radiation by using MU metal. If you wear headphones for any length of time, then you will want and appreciate this technology and what it does.

Large ear-cups

The ear-cups on the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones are slightly larger than average, which adds to the comfort aspect of them. The ear-cups are also very soft, so Ultrasone Signature Pro reviewwearing them for long durations will not lead to any fatigue.

The ear-cups are made from the leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep, and have been hand-sewn. Not only are they soft and comfortable, but they are also extremely durable too. The leather on the headband is also made from the same sheep-skin.

The isolation that the ear-cups provide also enhances the overall sound quality and greatly reduces any external noise. If you want to wear the headphones while you are out and about traveling around, then this noise reduction is a very useful feature so you still get the excellent quality at all times.

Last thoughts on the Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones

You will experience the comfort of the Signature Pro headphones from the moment you put them on. If you wear headphones for long durations then these are an ideal choice due to their high comfort levels. Once you hear the sound that they produce then you will really start to appreciate the quality of the technology used to build them. The Ultrasone Signature Pro headphones are a significant investment, but if you want a pair of headphones that produce a really high quality sound then these fit the bill perfectly.

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