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Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones Review


The Shure SRH940 Professional Headphones are known for their signature sound — comprised of extended highs, a dynamic midrange and clear bass. Pristine audio quality is combined with the durabilityShure SRH 940 Shure has built its reputation on. Considering its lightweight ergonomic fit, the 940s are the perfect headphones for a DJ looking for sound quality typically reserved for in-studio audio engineers.

The most important thing to note about the SRH940s is that the high-end is extended so you have more of a treble sound than with other headphones. There are some serious advantages to this type of signature sound, especially if you’re the type of DJ who rides the low end too heavily. In a nutshell, the less boomy the bass is, the more detail you can hear. However, you may miss out on hearing some particularly low frequencies in the spectrum.

The SRH940s were designed as an upgrade to the SRH840 and Shure succeeded in making a noticeable improvement, especially when it comes to frequency detail. Vocals in particular sound significantly better, though the sound is dry overall when compared to the SRH840s. If you are looking for a brighter pair of headphones, the SRH940s are your ticket.

Main Design Features

The headphones are lightweight and offer options to increase your comfort during long gigs or listening sessions. The replaceable ear Shure SRH940pads are made of soft velour and the headband is cushioned to rest softly on your head. With the SRH940s, you get a double whammy. The closed-back, circumaural design allows the headphones to rest comfortably over your ears, while also greatly reducing background noise. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and functional clarity.

The cable is detachable so you don’t have to replace the entire set of headphones for something as basic and common as cable failure. A bayonet clip securely holds the cable into place to eliminate any worry about the cable popping out during a gig.

The cable is made of made of oxygen-free copper and is particularly heavy, bulky and long. It is perfect for those that use a lot of space in their DJ setups, but may prove to be cumbersome for a streamlined system. You can choose from the 10 foot coiled cable or the 8 foot straight cable with a gold-plated ⅛” mini jack included with your purchase.

Sound Capabilities

The Shure SRH940 headphones have a frequency range of 5Hz-30 KHz that covers the entire spectrum of audio. The 940s have a signature sound that involves enhanced treble and improved clarity in the lower frequencies. The bass is still present and you can hear complex subtleties creating a clear midrange. Frequency detail is pristine and distortion is minimal because of its transient response.

The headphones have a maximum input of power of 1000mW. Be particularly aware of the maximum input power, as many DJ setups output signals at higher power levels. To get the most out of this pair of headphones, take the time to integrate them appropriately into your PA.

Accessories & Additional Features

The headphones are collapsible to allow for easy portability and a Shure SRH940longer lifespan. The earcups swivel with a 90 degree range of motion and click into place so they slip off or out of place during the gig.

The Shure SRH940 was packaged with durability in mind. When you purchase the headphones, you will also receive two replacement cables, replacement velour cushioned earpads, a ¼” adaptor and a zippered travel case for easy portability.

Final Thoughts on the Shure SRH940

The Shure SRH940s are designed for extremely picky DJs who need to hear the most finite detail of every frequency. The real selling point here is the audio fidelity and monitoring capabilities. While all DJs can benefit from these headphones, the Shure SRH940s should be purchased by an experienced DJ. This is not your first pair of headphones. This is likely the pair of headphones you buy when you are looking for a specific sound, without sacrificing comfort and durability.

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