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Sennheiser HD800 Dynamic Premiere Headphone Review

The over-ear circum-aural design of the Sennheiser HD800 dynamic headphones are used to create an acoustic experience that makes you feel like you are actually standingSennheiser HD800 next to the live music source. The incredible attention to detail that has gone into all aspects of these headphones shows just how the sound quality is achieved.

The task behind the Sennheiser HD800 headphones was to create a sound that was as natural as possible, and true to every detail. When you hear music through them then you will see just how well they have achieved that. No matter what kind of music you like to listen to through these headphones, the sound will be enhanced to a level that you have not experienced before.

But it is not just the sound quality that has been considered when designing these. They also factored in that people will want to use these for long periods and made them so that they could be worn for hours if required and still be extremely comfortable throughout. The headband has a unique design so that it absorbs any vibration and also makes for a sturdy construction.

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Key factors of the Sennheiser HD800 headphones

Advanced transducer design

The Sennheiser HD800 headphones use a ring shaped transducer that provides a larger surface. This in turn gives the sound that much more purity, especially on the lower notes. While having a larger surface does help to produce this extra clarity in the sound, it can also cause disruptive spurious oscillation at higher frequencies.

Sennheiser HD800  Sennheiser HD800 review

But the ring shaped design will counter-act this and enable the sound quality to remain at its highest levels. It does this by oscillating in a much more controlled manner due to the coil and the two supporting surfaces.

Headband design

The headband on the HD800 headphones is made from both metal and plastic. They are put together in a kind of sandwich style, with the several high-tech plastic layers sandwiching the metal layer. The plastic contains attenuation qualities so that is prevents any oscillation from entering the headphone mountings.

Sennheiser-HD800-2a Sennheiser HD800 headphones

Hand crafted ear pads

As we mentioned before, there has been an incredible amount of attention to detail gone into the Sennheiser HD800 headphones, and every aspect has been carefully thought over and designed. The ear pads have been hand crafted out of high quality microfiber fabric. This provides a very comfortable environment for your ears to be in, and they are also very easy to maintain and clean.

Specifications for the HD800

  • Frequency Response: 6–51,000 Hz (-10 dB); 14–44,100 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Nominal impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Sound pressure level at 1 kHz: 102 dB (1 Vrms)
  • Max. nominal long-term input power: 500 mW in acc. with EN 60-268-7
  • Harmonic distortion: <_ 0.02% (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
  • Contact pressure: approx. 3.4 N ± 0.3 N
  • Weight (without cable): approx. 330 g
  • Jack plug: ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo
  • Connecting cable: silver-plated, oxygen-free (OFC) copper cable, symmetrical, Kevlar reinforced, 3 m
  • Operating temperature: –10 °C to +55 °C

Final thoughts on the Sennheiser HD800 headphones

The HD800 headphones are for the serious audio fans, and for those that truly experience the best quality sound. They are not cheap, but the price reflects the quality and the intricate design work that has gone into making these.

When you hear the sound through these for the first time you will immediate appreciate the work that has gone into them. They provide an incredible audio experience for the listener, and you will not want to hear the music through anything else once you have used the Sennheiser HD800 headphones for the first time.

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