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Pioneer SE-MX9 Superior Club Sound Headphones Review

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Pioneer SE-MX9 Superior Club Sound Headphones The incredibly stylish Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones have been designed for the clubbers and audiophiles that demand the very best sound quality from their headphones. The club sound that is effectively replicated through the SE-MX9 headphones will have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck when you relive your favorite DJ sets through them.

The SE-MX9 are ideal for using with your home music system or with your mobile device. They are light and comfortable to wear, so if you want to listen through them for extended periods you can do so without suffering any fatigue. The precision sound coupled with the stylish design of the Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones really makes them a very alluring option to anyone that wants the best quality audio.

Key features of the Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones

50mm driver unit

The SE-MX9 uses a 50mm driver unit to provide the club quality sound. The driver has been Pioneer-SE-MX9-4aespecially designed for these headphones, so you get optimal performance from it. What you will get from this particular driver is quality reproduction of the dance music you love, with the thumping bass and detailed backing sounds all coming through in perfect clarity.

Over-ear design

The over-ear design of the Pioneer SE-MX9 allows for comfortable wearing as well as complete sound isolation. The synthetic ear pads are very soft, so you can wear them for extended periods of time without facing any discomfort from them.

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The polyamide headband not only offers you durability so you get a lot of usage from these headphones, but it has also been lined with a silicone head cushion for added comfort. You will find that it rests very softly onto your head so you will often forget that you have them on.

Detachable cord

You get a 1.2m coiled cord on the headphones, and when fully extended you will get a range of 2 meters. The cord is detachable to make carrying them that much easier, and it comes with a locking feature to ensure it stays in place when attached. The cord also has an in-line microphone so you can take any calls on your phone without having to take them off.


Foldable design

Another alluring feature of the Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones is their ability to fold flat when you want to carry them around. They come in a soft carrying bag so that you can take them from place to place very easily.


Pioneer SE-MX9

Additional information

Pioneer-SE-MX9-3aThe headphones come with a 6.3mm (1/4”) jack, and two jack caps. There is a flight adapter as well, to make your listening while on a plane that much easier. The carrying pouch that comes with the headphones will keep them protected and make them that much easier to carry when you are not using them.

Last thoughts on the Pioneer SE-MX9

Yes, the SE-MX9 are very pleasing to the eye, but they are a lot more than just good looks! They have been designed for the clubber that loves throbbing dance music, and the way it replicates the club sound is incredible. You get such clarity of sound across the whole range, from the deepest bass to the highest of high-hats. The Pioneer SE-MX9 certainly deliver on all fronts, and are well worth the price they are being sold at.

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