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Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional Headphones Review

The professional Pioneer HDJ-2000 DJ headphone isĀ amongĀ the top performance oriented headphones on the market at the moment. If you are looking for an ideal headphone for your Pioneer HDJ-2000 DJ work that is durable, high quality, and can give you the ability to perform your work to the highest of standards, then look no further.

The unique design of the Pioneer HDJ-2000, with their added features that give you high sound quality, along with the material used to make the headphones ensure unmatched comfort and durability. If you need clarity of sound then this is your choice. The Pioneer HDJ-2000 has more than superior input capacity, which gives the user gets minimal distortions irrespective of volume levels.

Video overview of the HDJ-2000

Design features

The design features of Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones are really alluring and make them ideally suited for DJ work. This headphone has soft leather covering the ear pad as well as the head pad, ensuring comfort when it comes in contact with the skin. Inside the ear pads, the urethane foam also ensures high levels of comfort even during longer sessions behind the DJ decks.

The main body of this headphone is made of magnesium alloy, which makes it have a light weight and ensures longevity. It has a removable XLR connector for easy replacement in case of damage. This is a useful feature so you will not have to replace the entire headphones if a problem does ever occur with this.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 review

The Pioneer HDJ-2000 also features a unique type of headband. The middle section contains a rubbery material with metal embedded in it, giving it the much needed ductile nature for clamping. The outer sections are more rigid in nature, and contain sliders that are used to adjust the headphones to required levels.

The earpiece can swivel in different directions with ease, while the hinge mechanism used is one of the best reducing any chances of damage. This headphone contains a 5mm driver units and flux magnets offering the highest resolution beyond your expectations. To prevent distortions, the Pioneer HDJ-2000 has a 3,500mW input capacity.

Additional features

The other unique features that the Pioneer HDJ-2000 contains are the folding headphone characteristic. This means that you can easily fold it into compact configuration and carry it around without with much easier. It also comes with a stylish durable pouch that makes it easy to carry around without feeling burdened.


Another important feature that the headphone contains is the click mechanism, which ensures that that the headphone clicks in place to prevent unwanted rotation, or folds especially when it is in use. And when it comes to monitoring it offers a reliable stereo switch that enables you to monitor even with a single ear.

Clarity of sound is the key

If you are a DJ, then you really need to be able to hear exactly what is going on with the music on the decks. To do this effectively you need to be able to block out all of the external sound. This is where the Pioneer HDJ-2000 really excels. Not only does it block out all of the external sound, but it makes the sound you are hearing through the headphones extremely crisp and clear.

It is this clarity that you need as a DJ. So many headphones just do not provide this level of sound, and you will never know until you play your first set with them. This is why Pioneer are so trusted and widely used by DJs all over the world, and the Pioneer HDJ-2000 is certainly one of the most acclaimed DJ headphones available.

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