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Pioneer HDJ-1000 DJ Headphones Review

Pioneer is well known for making very good quality DJ equipment, and the Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones are no exception to this. The attention to detail is very clear asPioneer HDJ-1000 soon as you see these headphones. They look stylish, but they are more than just good looks, they perform really well too.

They are very light weight, which is what you need if you are a professional DJ. The last thing you want is some heavy over sized headphones making your ears really hot and uncomfortable while you are in a nightclub or venue.

The Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones are actually very comfortable to wear. The padding is soft, yet it does a great job of insulating the ear when they are on so you do not get any exterior sound coming through. They weigh just less than 1 pound too, so you can easily wear these for hours at a time without feeling any discomfort or fatigue from them.

Specifications for the Pioneer HDJ-1000

Sound quality

Obviously the most important thing you need when DJing is headphones that give you great quality sound. The Pioneer HDJ-1000 has a frequency range of 5 to 30,000 Hz, with an output sound level 107 dB/mW. They also have a maximum input of 3,500 mW, so you are able to get some really good quality sound.

The 50mm domes on the ear pieces cover your ears well, thus excluding any outside noise. The clarity is excellent, and you will be able to hear minute details in the music for lining specific parts of the track up when you are ready to mix two tracks together.

Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphonesDesign features

The Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones look pretty futuristic, but the looks also serve a purpose too and provide a lot of functionality. They have universal joints which enable them to be folded away, so you can pack them safely away in your bag without them taking up too much room.

You can also turn each ear piece around when you need to listen to just one at a time, and there is also a stereo and mono selector so that you can mix the left and right hand channel signals. These are designed specifically for DJs and the design of the Pioneer HDJ-1000 accommodates all of the functionality a DJ would require from them.

Cable length

The cable is coiled, and in its coiled state it is 3.94 feet long. But it will stretch out to a length of about 9.84 feet when fully extended. This will give you a lot of freedom of movement around the DJ booth. The plug is a 3.5mm 3P mini plug, which is gold plated.

Pioneer HDJ-1000 review

Overall thoughts on the Pioneer HDJ-1000

DJs need good quality headphones to be able to perform at their optimal level and hear everything they need to hear. These headphones provide exceptional sound clarity and great flexibility too. They are very light, weighing in at just 9.5 ounces (not including the cable). Overall the Pioneer HDJ-1000 are a great quality headphone, and well worth the price you can get them for.

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