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Grado PS1000 Professional Series Stereo Headphone Review

Grado PS1000 If you are a serious audiofile and demand the highest quality sound from your headphones, then the Grado PS1000 professional series headphones are worth some serious consideration. The PS1000 are certainly not cheap, but you are paying for the design and audio quality, and Grado has certainly delivered in both departments.

The look of these headphones may not suit everyone, they are definitely a case of you will either love or hate the look of them. They are quite chunky, and they are certainly fairly heavy too. But they do look very high quality and give you an immediate indication of the quality and performance that you can expect from them.

Despite the weight of the Grado PS1000 headphones, you will quickly find the optimal positioning on your head that will reduce the pressure on your head, and make them more comfortable to wear over longer periods.

Although the design of the PS1000 may not be the greatest, the magic really starts when you start listening to them. If you have used other good quality headphones before, you will be amazed at how much better the sound quality is from the Grado’s. The depth and clarity of the audio through these headphones is simply incredible, you start to appreciate the value of the Grado PS1000 as soon as you start listening through them.

Overview of the PS1000

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Key features of the Grado PS1000 headphones

While many of the Grado headphone range use mahogany ear pieces, the PS1000 has a mahogany inner core, and the outer casting is made from alloy. This combination of materials helps to enhance the sound further by self-damping, which produces a solid low resonance base. The high purity copper cable is another component that really helps the Grado PS1000 headphones deliver the best quality sound.

Grado PS1000 professional series

The headband on the PS1000 is wrapped in leather. It is in-keeping with the quality of the headphones, and does help to provide a more practical use too by giving them a softer feel on the head. This is quite necessary as they are fairly heavy.

The Grado PS1000 weigh about 1.1 pounds, while most other comparable headphones weigh around .65 pounds. But Grado has done a good job of spreading the weight around the entire headphone so that they do not put too much pressure on any part of your head.

The ear pieces are large bowl shaped and made from foam. They sit very comfortably around the ear and isolate the ears well, keeping the audio in and channeled down the Grado PS1000 reviewear, while any external noise is kept out. The foam ear pieces can also be changed by the user if and when required too.

Are the Grado PS1000 headphones right for you?

There is a significant cost associated with the PS1000 headphones, but the bottom line is that they quality they provide does clearly justify the price. Some may not like the rather bulbous look of the headphones, while others may love the unique style that they provide. This will be down to your own individual taste. Overall, the Grado PS1000 professional series headphones produce a sound quality that is hard to match, and one which justifies their price-point.

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