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AKG Q 701 Reference Premium Headphones Review

The AKG Q 701 headphones are very stylish and also very high quality too. The quality was that good that AKG has developed a partnership with the American Icon, QuincyAKG Q 701 Jones. Considering that Quincy Jones has had received 27 Grammy awards and a total of 79 nominations, which is more than any other artist in the world, it is some endorsement when somebody of his stature puts his name to a product.

So what makes the AKG Q 701 so special, and what led to somebody like Quincy Jones endorsing them? It is to do with the fact the AKG seems to have thought of every little detail and made it to perfection with these Q 701’s. They are light, they fit well, they are comfortable, and most of all, the sound they product is of the highest quality.

AKG are a massive name in the headphone market themselves, and have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to making top quality headphones. When you see and hear the AKG Q 701 you will understand why they are such a popular model. They just seem to do everything that you want a pair of headphones to do, and they do it well.

Quincy Jones endorses AKG

A closer look at the AKG Q 701

AKG Q 701 reviewMain design features

The AKG Q 701 is certainly not the smallest headphones you will ever see, but they are quite light for their size. The ear cups are very large, so that they will sit right over your ear completely. This even feels a little odd at first, but you can soon feel the benefit of this once the sound starts coming through.

These phones use flat wire voice coils. These create a more dramatic and spacious sound. They also have dual layered diaphragms, which are patented by AKG. These provide a very high frequency sound and a more accurate bass sound response.

Sound capabilities

AKG say that the Q 701 is the most accurate and responsive headphones they have ever produced. The 3 dimensional sound they produce will really help you to hear the music that much more clearly, and they will also give the music you are listening to that much more depth and life.

The AKG Q 701 also has a special heat resistant quality because of the high performance neodymium magnet system they use. This eliminates any distortion and helps to keep the audio crystal clear at all times, no matter what level you have them playing at.

Different colors available

The AKG Q 701 headphones come in three different colors. You have white, black and a lime green if you like your color more. Whichever color you choose, these headphones really do look very smart and stylish.

AKG Q 701 quincy jones

Final thoughts on the AKG Q 701 headphones

When you have somebody like Quincy Jones, that says of the Q 701’s “This is the best quality sound I’ve heard in headphones, ever. And I’m proud my name is on them” then you can be pretty reassured that these are of exceptional quality. The AKG Q 701 is a great headphone, and for the price too you are getting a very good product with superior design and sound features.

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