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AKG K702 Reference Studio Headphone Review

The open-back dynamic AKG K702 headphones are a good option for those that need precision listening capabilities and a comfortable over-ear design. These headphones AKG K702 are ideal for mixing and listening to multiple channels at once due to their clarity and accurate response.

The comfortable design of the AKG K702 headphones is well suited for those that need to wear them for longer periods. They are light, so you will not feel any fatigue after a few hours of use. Plus the ear-pads have been designed to really fit around any shape ear and not make them too hot either.

These headphones are designed for the professional user, and as such have a robust and durable quality about them. They are fairly large, so they need to be durable if you have to carry them around with you from place to place.

The soft leather headband will give the support over your head while not putting too much pressure on it. The soft leather is supple and you will hardly feel it when you are wearing them. The ear pads are velvet, so very soft and comfortable to wear.

Key features of the AKG K702

Open back design

The open back design of the K702 headphones promotes a spacious sound stage that produces an incredible amount of detail and definition to the sound coming out of them. If you need to be able to hear every beat of a track then these are perfect for that, as they will certainly give you that ability.

AKG K702 reviewXLR connector

Although the AKG K702 is very similar to the K701’s, one of the differences is the XLR connector that allows for the 3 meter cable to be detached. This is ideal when carrying these headphones around a lot, as you will not have the problem of the attached cord getting in the way, and even causing some damage to the connection if it gets knocked at all.

Sound quality

The designers of the AKG K702 headphones have gone to great lengths to ensure that they produce a perfect balance between resolution and smooth delivery. They are incredibly responsive headphones, you will not get any delay or outside noise coming in to distort the audio delivery. The ear cups do a great job of retaining the sound and channeling it directly into your ear.

The bass on the AKG K702 has deliberately been turned down slightly when compared to other headphones. This has been done so you will be able to hear the beats and the surrounding sounds very clearly, and not have the detail of any track drowned out by excessive bass.


The sound quality is achieved by the use of flat wire voice coils, and a Varimotion dual layer diaphragm. The cable also uses high-quality materials so the transfer of sound is as smooth as possible. All of these elements together provide the superb quality audio that the K702’s possess.

Is the AKG K702 the right headphone for you?

If you are a DJ or you do a lot of studio work, then you will need a pair of headphones that really give you the best sound quality possible. The K702’s certainly give you the ability to distinguish particular parts of a track and clearly hear the different layers used to compile a track too. For the price of the AKG K702 you are getting a pair of professional standard headphones that will certainly give you the ability to perform well in the studio or if you are playing at a gig.

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